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The Juno Beach Centre

Right by our hotel in Courseulles

A unique museum in Calvados, the Juno Beach Centre was founded in 2003 in memory of the Canadian intervention during the Second World War. It pays homage to the 45,000 Canadians who lost their lives during the Second World War, including 5500 during the Battle of Normandy and 359 on D-Day itself.

You’ll find out about an often untold yet passionate part of the Allied landings of 1944 alongside remnants of the Atlantic Wall. You’ll also be able to discover the German bunker across from the centre and the underground rooms of the Canadian command post. Canadian guides lead tours of the museum, and there are both permanent and temporary exhibitions on the subject of war. Guided tours last 45 minutes and take place every day from April to October and upon reservation outside of this period.
The Juno Beach Centre is open all year except for in January.